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SAINT Interview Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy (clothes & shoes) season

Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy

SAINT Interview series Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy (clothes & shoes) season


What inspired or motivated the idea of a no buy period? 

I was feeling overwhelmed by a shopping addiction, disconnected with myself and overstimulated by influencer content. Fortunately, I came across @lotte.v1 styling and their concepts helped me identify ways to reconnect with my personal style. One of their teachings was to create space from consumption; I challenged myself to slow down, look inwards and do the work.

What were your shopping habits like before? 

Shopping ruled my life (and finances). I’d mindlessly scroll eBay or Depop looking for a bargain. My days off were spent rummaging through thrift stores. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I had lost my way in it.

What are the pieces you kept going back to/ that became part of your daily rotation? 

A charcoal linen long sleeve pant set that I mixed and matched, a SAINT silk shirt and a pair of flattering wide leg jeans by Rag & Bone. Each of these pieces feels authentically lived-in, without belonging to an obvious trend, and serves a clear purpose in my wardrobe. For shoes, Margiela sneakers became my style uniform.

SAINT Interview Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy (clothing & shoes) season

How did you find putting an outfit together? 

Fabric and texture became my focus rather than pieces themselves. I relied on comfortable fabrics that layered well like cotton, linen and silk. For inspiration, I pulled out the old family photo albums, studied character style in movies/TV and explored unique colour schemes. I played with my clothes, turned items inside out or contrasted proportions. When you’re not adding new things to your wardrobe, you have to reimagine how to get dressed to keep things fresh. 

How has this impacted the way you think about purchasing clothing?

Once I stopped acquiring, it created space to pay attention. I spent 6 months getting to know my clothes to rediscover why I own something. During which I fell back in love with pieces and let go of things that weren’t right for me. When I feel spendy, I check in with myself and explore the deeper reasons this feeling has come up. With clever marketing and unhealthy comparison through social media, it's more important than ever to pay attention to your thinking around a purchase. What we consume has an impact that we must take responsibility for.

SAINT Interview Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy (clothing & shoes) season

Has it impacted other areas of your life?

Completely. Not only has it refined my personal style, it’s significantly improved my finances - I saved up enough money to book a trip to Italy for my sister’s 30th! I feel a deeper connection with myself, have gained more time to spend with loved ones and to explore other interests. The magnificent expansiveness of gratitude!

What do you think shopping will look like for you going forward?

I have a series of questions to ask myself before I make a purchase to ensure the piece truly reflects me. Shopping will be more mindful. Every purchase will be worth a celebration.

Are there any new pieces you are most excited to add to your wardrobe or you’ve been thinking about? 

Ann Demeulemeester sandals, a simple black loafer and a vintage pair of jeans with a relaxed fit, perfect fade and slim straight leg (not too slim but not too wide).

SAINT Interview Fari McCaul on her 6 month no buy (clothing & shoes) season 

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