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Interview Series | Georgah Crane, Saloon Store

Interview Series | Georgah Crane, Saloon Store

SAINT Interview Series Georgah Crane Saloon Store

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Georgah and I’ve been living in Melbourne for around 8 years but I am originally from Canberra and the Gold Coast. My time is mainly spent at the park with my puppy Cubby or running my shop SALOON in the city. You can also find me beekeeping in the warmer months and occasionally modelling.

What are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

I love to listen to podcasts where two friends discuss current events/business/beauty and fashion news (Afterwork Drinks, Ride, Eyewitness Beauty, No Gorge). When I am at home I love to put on an NTS mix, specifically the breakfast show with Flo Dill, she’s got the most incredible taste in music. I’ve also been really into playlists from the ‘Gen X, Soft Club’ aesthetic movement, just google and you’ll see what I mean.

Who are you inspired by?

Brenda Weischer is a huge inspiration for me, stylewise of course but I greatly admire the way her brain works. She’s crafted a life and niche career that allow her to grow in any direction she desires whilst maintaining her genuine interests and getting paid for it!

SAINT Interview Series Georgah Crane Saloon Store
middle image: Georgah wears SAINT Silk Scarf Top and Silk Pant

How would you describe your personal style? What’s your daily uniform?

My personal style is really quite simple, only black pieces or occasionally white/cream.
Limiting my wardrobe to these colours just makes getting dressed so much less stressful for me, I know it will always look cohesive and I can focus on what silhouette I feel like wearing that day. My daily uniform would be a thin knit long sleeve top (I have a small collection of fine silk knits by Silk Laundry and Wixii) paired with some wool slacks (vintage Max Mara) or a long silk maxi skirt (also by Silk Laundry). Can you tell I like to wear alot of silk. Then in the winter its these same bottoms with a cashmere sweater ontop, I have one from Tricot Paris that I bought many years ago and wear almost every day in winter. It has so many holes now from Cubby’s teething stage that I need to mend but I love how lived in it is.

What are the longest standing pieces in your wardrobe? 

As mentioned above, the Tricot Paris cashmere sweater, then there is a Paris Georgia slip from one of their first collections that I found secondhand years ago. The edges are fraying and as it’s a touch too long for me, the hem pools along the ground and threads unravel each time I wear it. My SAINT classic silk shirt is another piece with a high wear-over-time rate. It’s just such an easy piece to pull on over trousers or sometimes I wear it loosely buttoned with a silk satin mini. I love the contrast of the billowing oversized shirt with the tiny skirt. It’s also a must to protect my shoulders and arms from the sun when I’m outside in the

A favourite piece in your space? 

My big creamy, comfy Monde sofa! It was a piece that got delayed due to the pandemic so we spent many months eagerly anticipating its arrival and it just fits our lounge room perfectly. Being modular, we can switch up the layout if needed, add or subtract seats or even change the covers to a different upholstery.

SAINT Interview Series Georgah Crane Saloon Store
Georgah wears SAINT Classic Silk Shirt in Black Satin

Signature dish/what are you currently cooking?

I love to cook from the recipes of Carter Were, Julius Roberts and our queen - Nigella. Simple, hearty and delicious things. Recent dishes include this tomato and prawn pasta from Ellie Boudhana, slow cooked lamb with buttery, almond flaked green beans and next I want to make this chickpea stew from Pierce Abernathy.

When do you feel most yourself?

I feel most myself when in the company of those that love and know me best.


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