Sweet Almond and French Clay

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by Sphaera .

A deeply cleansing and long-lasting soap for all skins. All-purpose, with mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, it purifies and replenishes. Equally suitable for bath or basin.

lovingly made by hand in New Zealand

A crisp, bright blend with fresh, minty top notes rounded out by balsamic, earthy undertones.



Wild Mint
White Grapefruit
Juniper Berry
Himalayan Cedarwood


French green clay, one of the most absorbent natural clays, offers wonderful cleansing abilities.
Sweet Almond oil and coconut milk enrich, ensuring the skin feels soft and moisturised after thorough gentle cleansing.



Sphaera soaps are thoughtfully crafted in distinctive solid cube shapes inspired by Plato’s ideas on universal elemental forms, where the cube represents the earth and traditional practices of the oldest soap makers of Aleppo and Marseille. Coloured by fine natural clays and honouring botanical ingredients that harness gentle moisturising properties.