Classic pieces that celebrate simplicity, shapes stand the test of time. Clothing that would be considered minimalist, to be loved for years to come. 



SAINT is a true slow clothing brand, introducing fewer yet high quality pieces throughout the year. My father taught me ‘buy well, buy once’, I hold this to be very true. Investing in fewer but better pieces, builds longevity in your wardrobe. 

Quality materials, finishes, and craftsmanship are what truly make a garment valuable. I read once that ‘the more simple a piece of clothing is, the more perfect it has to be’. I’ve researched and implemented the finishes that stand the test of time; hand sewn buttons and labels, and the use of French seams.


The materials used have been hand selected for their natural fibres and ethical manufacturing. Organic cotton, dead stock silks, waxed cotton, and locally veg tanned kangaroo leather.
Locally embroidered organic cotton woven labels, the use of organic cotton thread throughout all production, YKK Greenwise Zips (the greenest zips on the planet!), vintage buttons and interfacings, have all been thoughtfully chosen to contribute to this idea of ‘circular fashion’. That at the end of the life cycle of your SAINT piece, you can place it in the compost and the from the material to thread, woven label and zips, will break down naturally.


This is something that is very close to my heart, from my background in clothing production, I know the satisfaction that comes with making something with your hands-start to finish. SAINT will forever be manufactured in Australia as made to order or small runs. To design a garment and then send your design overseas to be manufactured, never made sense to me. I will always be both the designer and a manufacturer for SAINT.



It is incredibly important to 'give back' if and when you can. SAINT is proud to be donating $1 of all pieces sold to Dress For Success a charity working to support women to reach economical independence.