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SAINT Interview Morgan Kerr Val.ent.een Florals

Interview | Morgan-Grace Kerr of Val.ent.een Florals

SAINT Interview Series Morgan Kerr Val.ent.een

Tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’m hopelessly obsessed with the romance of flowers. Bread, butter and cheese, art and wine, lots of sun, pilates and getting dressed up to go out on coffee dates are the spices in my life. 

I’m a Libran and a Generator in Human Design, so stereotypically full of ideas and indecisive. After studying Interior Design and Marketing, Floristry finally found me. 

Val.ent.een Florals is my business baby. I make sculptural pieces mostly for weddings and events. I aim to be unique in my design concepts and aesthetics, and my consideration of the earth in my making practice.  

Apart from flowers my right now is very focused on my son Genie, he's 2 and a total delight. 

What are you enjoying listening to at the moment? 

I feel like I’m so visual that I’m musically challenged and often listen to what spotify suggests I may like. 

Podcasts always. I never miss an episode of The Expanded Podcast and We Don't Have Time For This, also loving Offline, The Creative Trust and How Do They Afford That.

Who are you inspired by?

Florals artists; Fjura and Fritllerie. I love the wild, raw nature of Fjura’s designs. Fritllerie is very sculptural and shocks me with the amazing forms she creates. I often literally say to myself; wow what a time to be alive in floristry.

How would you describe your personal style? What’s your daily uniform?

I live by the long/short or loose/fitted rule. Jumper and a mini skirt. Little cami and a long skirt. Or Jeans and a button up. And just add my oversized coat through winter.

I always gravitate towards whites, greys, blues and black but sometimes I go rogue with a bright pattern.


What are the longest standing pieces in your wardrobe? and why

A black sleeveless woollen turtleneck I bought second hand, it's totally timeless, easy to layer and goes through all the season with me. 

My blue ribcage Levis and vintage 90s oversized caramel coat are the other two hero pieces I own that have been with me for years. 

 A favourite piece in your space? 

I have two vintage wicker chairs that I really love. The texture in the old wicker and the warm honey colour seem to blend all of my other eclectic pieces together. 

I also find them incredibly versatile. My house is petite and I’m addicted to trying every possible layout combination, so they moonlight as dining chairs, side tables, armchairs and the cute chair my clothes lay over when they're in the ‘maybe I’ll wear’ pile.

Signature dish/what are you currently cooking?

Not really a dish but can't stop with the fig jam on sourdough toast with Swiss cheese.

Favourite words? 

Cliche but; Romanticise your everyday. Flowers help with that.

When do you feel most yourself?

Ok two.

One, when I’m at home on a Sunday morning, hanging in the kitchen in the sun with my son Genie eating “my signature dish” and having coffee, maybe some chill Frenchy vibes music with nowhere to be.

Two, after I’ve finished an install or an event I feel a rush of happiness and pride that makes me sure making flowers is an authentic creative expression of me .

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SAINT Interview Morgan Kerr Val.ent.een


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