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NYCBAMBI Christie Tyler wearing SAINT Leather Belt made in Australia

Interview | Christie Tyler

I've been a big fan of Christie's creative work for many years – all the way from tumblr in fact – and I'm still an avid consumer of her vlogs. Her pared down palette of black, white, and neutrals injected with androgynous charm and old-school elegance is a major inspiration for my own style and designs. Think Cons and pearls, Hermès and vintage Ts.

She wears the Leather Belt like no one else, and I always get a little rush when I see her style it. One day soon we'll drink martini's in NYC together. For now, I'll keep scrolling through her grid with a smile on my face.

Christie Tyler wearing the KYE Intimates Dive bra and the Mies brief


Longest standing piece in your wardrobe?

I have this vintage, plaid blazer that has been with me for almost 6 years. It’s gone through all of my phases of styles and I’m still in love with it. To me, that’s true love!

Who are you inspired by? 

I can’t really pinpoint a certain one person, but I am so in love with fashion in the 90s... campaigns, editorials, Kate Moss, Tom Ford for Gucci, all the menswear suiting. That’s what I try to channel sometimes, just the effortlessness of fashion and beauty during that time.

How would you describe your personal style? What’s your daily uniform?

My personal style of course leans on the neutral side, and I love having all essentials that I can hold onto for years to come. I love minimalism and simplicity and dressing that is comfortable and practical. My uniform right now would be a pair of jeans or trousers cinched in at the waist with a belt (Hello Saint), a white t-shirt or collared shirt tucked into the bottoms, with a trench coat and Converse.

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Interview | Emmie Rae of The Daily Rest - SAINT-thestore

Interview | Emmie Rae of The Daily Rest

"What I know deeply, is there is no one size fits all and we are all here to move through the world in completely unique ways."

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Interview | Jes of Dazed but Amazed - SAINT-thestore

Interview | Jes of Dazed but Amazed

"I feel the majority of my inspiration comes from the ultimate Queen Creator – mother nature. The sea, the sky, the evolving shades of the day. How all things can evolve through the space of time a...

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